Quarter Beef Deposit

Quarter Beef Deposit

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Are you tired of the exorbitant price of meat at the grocery store? Do you long to be able to open your freezer and find it full of healthy dinner options for your family? We’d love to help.

Our beef lives on grassy hills and is grass-fed and grass-finished. It is beyond organic. 

We sell it for $7.50/lb cut and wrapped. A quarter beef typically weighs somewhere around 100 lbs  with a yield of 40-50% ground meat and the remainder being in steaks and roasts.  It will take up 3-5 cubic feet of freezer space. 

Full payment will be due upon receipt of the beef and arrangements for pick-up will be made with individuals when processing is complete. 

We currently have two quarters for sale this October 2020 and four quarters for sale in January 2021. Preference for which dates you would like to receive you beef in will be given based upon the order in which reservations are made.

Reserve your beef today and discover the joy and peace of knowing you have a freezer full of nutrient dense dinner options just waiting to be enjoyed by your family.