The Herd Share Program

You Can Have Healthy Dairy for Your Family

Do you long to have fresh, delicious, creamy milk? Yes!  Do you want it to be A2A2, raw, and from pasture-raised, organically fed cows?  Yes! Do you want to get up at 4 am to milk a cow every day? No?!?

Well, here's the problem.  According to the Tennessee government, the only way you can have access to fresh, raw milk and dairy products is if you own a cow. Most people have no desire to take on such a commitment.  

Thankfully there is a's called a Herd Share.  Through joining the Herd Share at Our Family Farm you are able to have access to fresh, raw milk, but you never have to shovel a single cow pie:)

We'd love to answer all your questions about the Herd Share.   Please contact us or schedule a Pasture Walk today...we look forward to chatting with you!

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Common Questions

What is the price?
Herd Share Fees (This is a one time fee to join):
Half Gallon Herd Share $25
Whole Gallon Herd Share $50
One and a Half Gallon Herd Share $75
Two Gallon Herd Share $100

Weekly Milking Fees:
Half Gallon $8.00
One Gallon $16.00
One and a Half Gallon $24.00
Two Gallons $32.00

Where is the farm located?  

Our Family Farm and Store is in New Market just between Strawberry Plains and Jefferson City and right off Hwy 40 and Hwy 11 E. The address is 1429 Cougar Way, New Market, TN 37820.  GPS does a good job of helping people find us:) 

When is the Farm Store Open?

Mondays from 4:00-6:00 pm

Wednesdays from 1-3 pm

Saturdays from 10-Noon

Other times by appointment 

Is there a length of time I am committed for? No, you can choose to leave the Herd Share Program at any time. Just let us know and we will buy back your Herd Share from you:) 

Can I sample the milk first?
 Unfortunately, we can’t let you take any milk home with you before you join. If you want to check us out before you commit, though, please come visit us at the Our Family Farm Store or better yet, join us for a Pasture Walk!

How does the whole jar thing work?  We use half gallon mason jars with Leak Proof, BPA-free plastic lids.  These jars will be provided to you the first time you pick up your milk. You will return them clean each week when you pick up your milk. We then sanitize them and refill them...this way you never have to worry about another household cleaning jars you get milk in:)  The jars remain ours. If you happen to break one or forget to bring it back, there is a $3.50 jar deposit to replace it. 

Do I have to get the same amount of milk every week? Yes, with the Herd Share you own a specific amount of the herd and are committed to paying for a specific portion of their feed and care. In exchange, you get a specific portion of their milk each week.

How do I pay? Payments can easily be made on the website and through the link you will be emailed reminding you of your weekly milk pick up. We also accept checks and cash payments at the Farm Store.

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