Letting Go of Covid-19 Fear

May 6, 2020

These are strange times we live in, aren’t they? If you had told me just six months ago that I would go to Costco and be unable to buy hamburger, I would not have believed you.  Yet, this has become our very real, slightly scary reality.  


Fear is such a crippling emotion, and definitely not something we want to live in.  Right!?  So I find myself pondering, “What can I embrace instead of fear?”  And I think the answer is faith and action. Faith in the fact that no matter how difficult the situation, there is purpose behind it greater than our momentary suffering.  And action in that I must choose to rise above my fear and make solid decisions to protect my family. 

Here are a five of the things I am choosing to do in stepping out of the fear and embracing faith. 

#1 Baobab -  Baobab is a fruit grown on massive trees in Africa. It naturally dries on the tree and is then gently ground into a powder. It is super high in vitamin C, iron and other essential nutrients. Additionally it has a higher antioxidant value that açaí and blueberries combined....I use it as our daily multi vitamin and bad-bugs-stay-away elixir. Plus, it’s yummy! I mix it with water, lemon juice and a little stevia powder and my children can’t get enough of it. 

#2 Colloidal Silver - When we do get sick, this stuff is my go to amazingness anytime we have a virus or bacteria invade our home. A tasteless clear liquid I feel like I am putting a dropper full nothing but water under my children’s tongues, but wow does it work!  I attribute it largely to why in four years with three babies we have only had to, thankfully, resort to actual antibiotics once.  You have to choose a good brand to know you are getting a safe and effective formula (my favorite is Sovereign Silver), but it brings me such peace of mind and joy to be able to help my children get well quickly without compromising their gut flora.

#3 30 Days of Extras - I have never really been a “prepper” at heart, and ever since moving into our cozy 730 square foot home here on the farm, minimalism Marie Kondo style has become a freeing way of life for me. Nonetheless, nestled into a little cupboard I have made room for a 30 day back up of food, dry goods, and yes, even toilet paper lol. 

#4 Local Food Sources -  Going to a grocery store and seeing shelves completely empty has shown me the fragility of our country’s food network and its need for reform. More than ever, I am feeling the need to find sources of food that are closer to home. I planted a garden and am researching local farms that sell direct to consumers. I know I can trust the farm just down the road and the man who runs it more than I can trust a large corporation to provide a safe, consistent source of food for my table.  Additionally, by choosing healthier sources of food, I know I am keeping my children safer by keeping them stronger. I recently read a research study by Lincoln Memorial University showing that children who drink raw milk have a greater resistance to infections....And I say, “yes, please!” to that right now:)

#5 Community - The “Safer At Home” policy of the past couple months has been so isolating for me...physically and emotionally. Yes, we’ve tried to use technology to stay in touch, but it is simply no replacement the for the face to face, heart to heart soul talk of two friends sharing a cup of coffee on a porch swing or chatting after church. Corona has awakened within me a desire more than ever to find “my people.” I look with eagerness into the not so distant future when people come to the farm and together we begin building a local, dynamic network of food security, community and friendship.

So while, yes, Covid-19 is immense, overwhelming, and seems to be affecting every corner of the globe, I believe that even in this we can find hope through letting go of our fear and stepping out in faith to love our neighbors as ourselves. What about you? How is Covid-19 affecting your life and how are you overcoming it?  I would love to know...please comment below <3

Savannah Hartman

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