Our Story

Where is our food actually coming from? How safe is it? How are the animals in our food’s story cared for?  And most of all, why are we so sick?!?

Have you ever asked these questions before. Well, we have.

It was these questions that hung heavy on our hearts for what seemed like forever as we struggled through autoimmunity, eczema, and debilitating gut pain. You could say we were driven to search for answers. 

And that’s how we found it....real, quality food. Real food that started to help us function, and not just function, but thrive!

Through this crazy, amazing journey we’ve been on, we have been filled with a passion for producing fresh, nutrient dense food and sharing it. 

We’d love to share it with you too! So please, call us or come visit us on the farm and chat for a bit.  We can’t wait to meet you!

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