Raw A2A2 Milk

From Our Family Farm to Your Family's Table!

You understand the profound impact food has on your well-being, and you're eager to bid farewell to harmful additives, pesticides, and anti-nutrient practices in food production. Embrace a healthier path for your family with us! At our farm, you'll discover the fresh, unprocessed farm-to-table taste and experience you desire, along with high-quality nourishment you can trust.

Our farm is now located in Sneedville, Tennessee!
Hours: Saturdays 10:00 - 12:00

We have convenient drop-off and pick-up locations in
Knoxville and Jefferson City.

Contact us for more details.

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How To Get Raw A2A2 Milk


Take a trip to the farm.... come meet the cows and the farmers too!


Join our Herdshare. Congratulations! You now own part of Our Family Farm's cow herd…. their delicious milk is yours to enjoy!

Enjoy Weekly

YAY! Choose a day to pick up your milk at the Farm Store each week!