Raw A2A2 Milk and Pastured Soy-Free Eggs

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Real Food Shouldn’t Be So Hard to Find.

As a parent, are you concerned with all the weirdness in our food today?
Do you long for the joy of serving safe food to your children?
As parents of three small children, we get it. Our vision on Our Family Farm is to produce unadulterated, quality food and share it with you.

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How To Get Raw A2A2 Milk


Come on a Pasture Walk out at the farm....meet the cows and the farmers too:)


Join the Herd Share. Congratulations! You now own part of Our Family Farm's cow herd and can drink the delicious milk they give!

Enjoy Weekly

Choose a day to come to the Farm Store each week or meet us at a drop off location to pick up your milk and, well, we'll leave the rest up to you....yummy!

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Get Your “Pastured Chicken Recipe Book”